Twilight of the Death Cult

Continuing south, the party wandered into a warren of undead. Among the undead, the party also encountered another of Kalarel’s agents, this time a clay homunculus. The party managed to stop the construct from escaping, and polished off the undead. The party also found a narrow passage. Sending Krak in first, the party discovered the zombie’s pantry. Along with the bones and rusted bits of armor, the party found a bag of holding.

The party examined the door the clay homunculus had flown towards. It had mentioned needing to warn Kalarel, meaning the leader was close by, perhaps on the other side of the door. Kain paid Krak a platinum piece to drink the contents of one of the potions he had requisitioned from Bairwin’s shop. The potion caused Krak to fly into a hyperactive rage.

The party, preceeded by a frothing, gibbering Krak, pushed east, into a desecrated chapel. The floor of the chapel was crossed by two streams of blood that emptied into an iron grate over a deep pit. The party fought through the Orcus cultists, as well as a coven of vampires that had been attracted by the blood, and some foul dark creature with a teleporting ability. In the aftermath of the battle, Krak frothed around the room, looking for more things to kill, until he collapsed, bleeding from the eyes and ears. Dungar revived him, but Krak had no memory of the past few minutes.

Exploring the rest of the chapel, the party discovered what had been a holding area for other sacrifice victims. Inspecting a body on the altar, they discovered it had an Orcus tattoo, suggesting that cult members as well as innocents had been sacrificed. If the excess cult members weren’t needed anymore, that could only mean the dark ritual the cult leader intended to perform was almost complete.

In the calm after the battle, a fevered chant could be heard coming up from the grate.

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A Well-Urned Break Sucks to be Kalarel

Twilight of the Death Cult

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