Sucks to be Kalarel

The party descended into the pit. Ssal disrupted the party’s stealthy approach, and fell to the floor. However, his statue of Bahamut acquired earlier began to react. As he pulled it from his bag, the party was refreshed with a bright, white light, restoring their vitality and energy. Looking at the forces they were up against, they were going to need it.

Dungar quickly called upon Avandra, and she sent her aid in the form of a shining aspect. The party flew into combat against Kalarel and the undead. The party made a disturbing discovery, any of the skeletons they managed to fell was almost instantly revived, due to the magic of a wight that Kalarel had summoned. Not even the light of Avandra could keep them down for long.

Kalarel was disrupted in his ritual, but made a partial success, the portal allowing a portion of the otherworldly creature to poke through. The thing called to the party, especially Kain and Ssal. Ssal, attempting to do battle, wandered into its reach, discovering the creature could do more than just put voices in his head. After finishing off the wight that was keeping the skeletal guard alive, Ssal fell to a mass onslaught by the remaining minions. His unconscious body was slowly dragged towards the portal, and the massive blackness it was barely restraining.

Dungar ran to the altar Kalarel had be using, and channeling his life force, and praying to Avandra, made significant progress in closing the portal. Though doing most of the work, and aided by Kain, it was Ssal, revived with a potion, who finally uttered the correct counter spell to close the portal, sending the creature back to the Shadowfell.

Kain, who had distracted several of the skeletons, fell to Kalarel’s necrotic rod. Kain was revived in time to land the final blow against their nemesis.

In the end, the party, added by Bahamut and Avandra, bested Kalarel. Mortally wounded, Kalarel attempted to call upon Orcus for further power. But the party saw Orcus does not reward failure. Pinned to the now closed portal, Kalarel’s flesh, and then bone, was sucked back through the solid stone, presumably pulled through the barrier to be food for the thing on the other side.

Only briefly pondering his terrible fate, the party went about destroying any sign of Orcus from the room, and pocketing Kalarel’s wealth, before carefully ascending back to the chapel.

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Sucks to be Kalarel

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