Staulin' for Time

The party found evidence of excavations in the tombs, and one with its door broken in. Venturing inside, the party encountered a gnome, Agrid. Agrid told the party he had worked with Douven, but that Douven had returned home recently, when they discovered the tomb contained a dragon, but it wasn’t a Dragon’s tomb, it was the burial site of a wizard. He invited them to inspect the excavation, but it was a ruse to draw them in.

Agrid and his work crew attacked the party, along with Asgrid’s guard Drakes. A spectral human, referred to as Kalarel, appeared. Ssal recognized it as an apparition, a magical agent that took on the form, and carried out the will, of its creator. This apparition had the power to reanimate the corpses of the fallen workers.

In the course of battle, Thoradin found Douven tied and gagged in a sack. After his rescue, he assisted the party in overcoming his former captors.

The party defeated Agrid and his allies, and dispelled the apparition. Douven was thankful for his rescue, he gave Thoradin his amulet as thanks, and gave the party as much information as he could.

Douven had encounter Agrid in the tavern. When he heard that Douven was looking for a tomb, he had helped Douven get equipment and a work team, in exchange for a share of the spoils. Once they’d made their break through, Agrid had turned on him, keeping him imprisoned and making him work. They all seemed to be working for Kalarel, the man who’s apparition they had seen. Other than Kalarel being powerful, ruthless, and very interested in this tomb, Douven could provide no information about him. He also agreed to tell his tale to Ernest Padraig when they got back to town.

The party also was able to inspect the artifact that had caused all the fuss. It was a mirror, one of fine craftsmanship, but of no magical value. Additonally, they found Skull-and-horns tattoos on all the humanoids. Dungar cut off the tattoos, with they brought to Lord Padraig.

Lord Padraig was in deep and hushed conversation with Valthrun when the party entered. They ended their parley as Lord Padraig listened to the party’s case. Combined with the information from Ninaran about the location of the Death Cult’s hide out, as well as an eyewitness, it was very convincing.

Lord Padraig still believed the bodies to belong to outside troublemakers, but couldn’t deny the growing evidence. He insisted on accompanying the party to inspect the alleged hideout, and if they could truly find evidence of a death cult, he promised the aid of the town guard in rooting them out.

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Staulin' for Time

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