One of the three dwarven clans on Vor Rukoth, along with Rockhide and Ironbar. The clans have set up a city and mining operation in a fortress to the west that guards Icefiend Pass, and trade raw metal and worked-metal goods for food and other items, including metal salvaged from the city of Vor Rukoth.

The Hammerfoot clan claims not to keep slaves, and that all their employees work for wages. Of course most of them are heavily indebted to the clan due to their initial purchase, compounding interest, charges for being fed/clothed/housed…
Those on the lowest rung are said to be worse off than even Rockhide slaves, but the possibility exists to improve their lot; Hammerfoot employees can find themselves as well off as members of the clan if they successful through hardwork or luck. This possibility, plus the fear of something called “Collections” keeps the Hammerfoot employees from simply leaving. They are also the only clan to enslave employ Dragonborn, since evidence of the fate of the last people foolish enough to try to enslave Dragonborn can be found in the ruins to the east. "

The Hammerfoot clan owns most of the mining rights, and mines the vast majority of the raw ores, minerals, and fuels that are required by the clans’ operations.

Matriarch – Visala
Patriach – Moisil

Female Heir-Apparent – Berril
Mail Hair-Apparent – Salin (100% dwarf, honest)


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