A giant misunderstanding

The party was told to follow the caravan trail west to reach Turak’tol, and the Dwarven Clans’ main encampment at Flatpeak Fortress. Along the way, the party encountered a group of Hill Giants and their dire bears. The Giants had a particular enmity towards Thoradin, telling the party that if they could kill the dwarf, they’d all be free. While the party was able to drive off the giants, Thoradin became a casualty of gravity, his unconscious body thrown from the top of the gully they’d fought in, where it landed and become his dead body.

The party took Thoradin’s body with them to Turak’tol. Thoradin was revived by the party, but at significant cost in materials and expertise, due to an evil force holding Thoradin’s soul. The Moradin cleric informed the party of an inexpensive ritual that could be performed now that he knew what the issue was. He also cautioned the party that the more time they might spend in the Shadowfell would allow this presence to get an increasingly accurate fix on them.

The cleric then gave the bill; 50,000 gold. The party was somewhat shocked by this, and the cleric advised they pay before he was forced to turn them over to “Collections”; too late, the party was also informed of a 10,000 gold bounty on hill giant scalps.

The party met with Berril and Visala Hammerfoot, who welcomed the party, and informed them of the impending auction that was taking place. Berril also wished to meet with the party in secret.

Berril informed the party she had arranged to buy the Party’s debt from the temple, and would erase it if the the party agreed to spy on, and locate, the Rockfist artifact stores.

A giant misunderstanding

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