Kain Riace Noyes

Collapsing Reverie


HP: 45 AC: 18
Preferred Weapons: Martial Long Bow, Martial swords, His own Voice
Primary Skills: Acrobatics, Diplomacy
Deity: Raven Queen
Home: Harken Forest
Alignment: Unaligned

Bonus Feats:

Yep, its dragon (Trait)
Dude, I’m telling you, that’s totally a dragon.
You and a +1 INT bonus when making diplomacy checks against dragons.

The View Never Changes (Full Turn, Encounter, Special)
The sometimes does, usually for the worse
Usable only the first turn in an encounter. At the start of an encounter, if Kain immediately follows Thoradin in initiative order, Kain can spend his whole turn singing the inspirational Dwarven Fight Song “We Don’t Break out the Good Booze Until We’ve Won” (or atleast the first 3 seconds of it) which will allow Thoradin to take an extra standard action. Thoradin can take an additional standard action (for a total of two extra standard actions) if he sings along (Thoradin’s player must sing out along out loud in character).

I think I’ll just wait over here. (Trait)
You learn from example, whether they like it or not.
As long all members of the party are bloodied, and Kain is the only one not unconscious or dead, Kain’s intelligence modifier doubles, and then adds 10 (His ability score becomes his modifier). The effect ends when Kain is no longer bloodied, any ally revives, a new ally arrives, or when Kain can no longer see any of his ally’s bodies.


Half Elf Bardic dreamer that somehow got stuck with a party containing a kobold and an EVIL bag of holding. How in the name of the Raven Queen did this happen?

The oldest child of his immediate family, Kain aspires to become a reliable support for his family as he embarks on an adventure to find his lost younger sibling. Keeping most of his past to himself, the young artist has found several minor jobs as an entertainer to support his travels.


“Raven Queen save me. My bruises have bruises!”

“My deity has Boobs!” -During battle with Kalarel

“Was all that blood really necessary? Having to relieve yourself after an eight-hour non-stop coach travel is “necessary.” But there’s no excuse for slaughtering so many ignorant townsfolk to summon demons.." -After defeating Kalarel of the Orkus Cult

“I get that a lot. They said I sing like one and look like one. As long as you dont refer to me as a wench I do not care.”

“Whatever happened to the standard zealotic rants involving the Oh so Almighty Avandra and all that? Neutral is neutral, I follow my own plight”

“And what am I? Avandra’s flaming knickerbottoms?”

Dungar: You know, you are just too headstrong about this. Can’t you be less judgmental? I’m trying to convey the true glorious path of Avandra to Krak.
Kain: Oh, I’m sorry. You go ahead and rant, and I’ll just shake my head instead.

“And he misspells her name! Again! You’d think being struck by lightning more than thrice would make him learn how to spell his deity’s name correctly..”



Kain Riace Noyes

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