Arrask once more....

Captain Krak vs The Cube Monsters from 10x10 space
No, I will not give you ray guns

Pointy Ears has gotten Krak and his cohort kicked out of hoomin wagon herd. Krak will tell from beginning.

First, Krak was having good day. Green Hoomin told Krak she knew where she could find fresh meat. Green Hoomin told Krak to keep secret, and she would share meat with Krak, if Krak would follow her on patrol. Krak did so, because generous Krak planned to talk Green Hoomin into sharing meat with everyone. Krak did not convince Green Hoomin, but Krak and Green Hoomin had chat over civil-eyes dinner, where Krak used little eating-sword and furk to eat proper like, even if Green Hoomin wanted to eat with hands.

Durng polite discussion over civil-eyes dinner, Green Hoomin asked many questions about Vandra. Krak, being good leader, is involved and knowledgable about troops under his command, and answered all questions. Krak did hold information that might compromise operational security. Krak’s knowledge impressed Green Hoomin to speechlessness. Later, Pointy Ears came by. Krak offered to share his dinner with Pointy Ears, but Pointy Ears declined. Pointy Ears and Green Hoomin had talk with each other. Green Hoomin asked Pointy Ears questions about Vandra too. Green Hoomin very interested in Vandra. Krak not sure why. By that Krak means Krak is very sure why, but thinks best not to write down, in case Krak journal is read by someone who doesn’t know why.

Then Old Horn Lady come and grab Krak by collar and Pointy Ears by pointy ear, and told us all to leave. Krak not sure why, something about curse. Krak didn’t really listen and thought about dinner…. but that was because Krak already knew Old Horn Lady was mad at Pointy Ears.

But, even though Krak and party had to leave, Krak does not hold grudge against pointy ear. In fact, when pointy ear was getting too cold, Krak helped them find cave. Mighty Krak, lead party through cave that was not creepy not even a little bit, and the Krak was not afraid of anything in there, not at all. Not even the hoomin arm that moved by itself. Nothing scared the mighty and brave Krak. In fact, Krak stayed by Dwarf’s side, so Dwarf wouldn’t get scared. Head-Talky Hoomin taught Krak to look out for those he commands.

Krak bravely lead party through. Krak was so mighty, the creatures refused to attack him., instead going after his weaker and much more afraid party members. Only one creature was brave enough to attack the mighty Krak, and Krak quickly showed it why the rest were afraid. YAH! HAH! STAB! THWACK! Krak was blur of fury!

Now, party taking little rest before mighty Krak will open big steel doors. Krak feels sorry for anything bad that lives on other side. Krak will make them regret being bad, with Krak’s mighty strength! But, Krak will let rest of party go in first. Krak is so mighty, he doesn’t need to hog all the glory.

Frozen Krak

Krak is leading his hoomins north. Krak and hoomins were brave, and lead evil mist from hoomin town. Krak wanted to fight, but you cannot fight mist. Krak and party found group of hoomin merchants, and Krak agreed that Krak and his party would help protect them. Leader of merchants even recognized Krak’s wise…iness, and made sure Krak was always near by incase of trouble, so Krak could advise.

Krak watches party stuff, while Krak sends party out to find out more about people there are with.

Krak and party go investigate blizzard, while Krak tells weaker merchanty hoomins to stay back where safe. Krak leads his party into battle, but, Krak, though mighty, is beaten by large, hairy sharp tooth hoominy enemies. He stands back up, and leads party to victory.

Krak must remember, his armor not a good as dwarf. because generous krak allows dwarf to use better armor. So will need to stay in back.

Krak in the World
Dungar loses his "worst pronunciation of Avandra" title

Krak led his hoomins (and not-hoomin hoomins)down to fight the guy. Who Krak was fighting. Because. Um. Krak forget why. He had shinies. Yes. He stole hoomins shinies, and Krak steal shinies from him that he stole. Krak think. Krak not actually get vote on this.
That is because great and mighty Krak is leader, and all the hoomins do what Krak says, so no voting needing.

There was big pool hoomin blood at bottom of pit. There were also dead hoomins. Krak demonstrated how slippery was blood was to his hoomins, so they would be careful. Then, big stone door, that only had a wall, suddenly became very black. There is weird voice that comes from blackness, but Krak too smart to be able to understand what it say, so Krak not listen.

Krak and his hoomins fought with all their fury, and some of Krak’s hoomins died. Krak had other hoomins heal them, so they ok now. ’Vandra started praying to Vandra, and black thing started to go away. So Krak prayed to Vandra. Then Krak decided to leave prayers to ’Vandra. Krak not need all the glory, Krak is mighty and glorious enough, Krak can share with hoomins. Just not too much.

Krak fought the skeletons while hoomins dealt with other hoomin, then helped fight other hoomin. He stood on magical circle, and he had magical feild surrounding him. Krak not sure why hoomins not move him from circle. But Krak not like to micromanage.

Then hoomin go up into air. He then get sucked back against the wall. Then hoomin disappear into stone wall, and leave stuff for Krak to take, since he was so impressed with Krak and how mighty Krak was.

Krak's Jounral 4
He drank a mystery potion and has a negative INT mod, but he's the only one smart enough to avoid the traps

Krak’s hoomins went to get other hoomin. She also Vandra, but more Vandra than Vandra. She also smart, and wanted to kill pointy ears. But, party refuse, but gave her to Vandra lady to watch. Krak not quite sure about his party sometimes. Krak not have much experience, but he thought when you traded slaves, person who got slave gave money to you, you don’t give money to that person. Slave also didn’t get new clothes that were better than old clothes. Krak thought about asking questions, but instead Krak went to Tavern. Krak had shinies, so got food. But, Cook-woman said Krak didn’t have to give shinies. Said something about “Kreed it” and “Tabs”. So, free food for Krak!

Party came to get Krak. Krak told them about free food, but party didn’t seem happy. How can not be happy about free food? But then back to bad Keep. There was trap waiting for us! Big metal Pork’loss slammed down. Hobgoblins appearedBut, they didn’t count on the smart and strong Krak turning their trap on them! After Krak checked the Pork-Loss, to make sure no hobgoblins would get away, Krak mightily slayed many Hobgoblins, and their vicious pets. Krak doesn’t like hobgoblins, they don’t have many shiniest on them.

Then party went into room. There was big stone hoomin. Krak stayed back, but Vandra went exploring. Vandra got hit by magics from stone dragon, then stone hoomin hit Vandra, and hoomin fall down. Krak not expect dinner and show. Hoomins explore room while clever and smart Krak try to figure out lock. But lock is too clever, Krak cannot figure out, so Strong and Generous Krak decides to go help dwarf.

Then Pointy-ears and Glowy-man find themselves trapped behind wierd magic wall. Then there is water. And they go swimming about. All this time, dwarf cannot make up mind. First to door. Then to wall. Then to door. Then back to wall. Thankfully, Krak is mighty, and didn’t tire. Dwarf didn’t even need to wait for Krak.

Vandra then got inside. Krak saw them swimming and thrashing about. After time, they bash statues, and the wall vanish. And goes BOOM, and knocks everyone, except the smart and tough Krak, right into range of big stone hoomin. Then pointy ears and dwarf do something at base, and stone hoomin stops moving, and doors open.

Inside were dead hoomins. One very mean dead hoomin would claw and bite and people’d not move. Krak was one of those people But Krak was too mighty to not move, and stabbed it to death. Krak thing Pointy Ears has right idea. Staying in back more like Krak, even though he is mighty, Krak’s might should be kept in back, in case party gets into trouble.

Krak went into dark tunnel. There weren’t any shinies, but there was a bag. Krak took bag, but took pity on poor dwarf, and gave him bag, because Mighty Krak is also generous. Krak also very shrewd, and got shinies in trade for bag. Krak likes shinies. Pointy-ears gave Krak very shiny shiny to drink wierd potion. So Krak dranked potion and got shiny.

Krak doesn’t remember much after that. Just rmemebers being mighty, and waking up in room with lots of dead things, that Krak must have killed with being mighty. Now everyone standing around, looking at all the things Krak killed, and into big hole in floor.

Krak's Journal 3

Pointy ears told us Hoomin-town was attacked by dead hoomins. And now can’t get in. But dwarf got food. So, as long as we get food, and it not rain, or get cold, who needs into hoomin town anyway?

We go to check out place where hoomins bury dead. Krak no understand. Burying dead things, yes. But then not digging them up later to eat? This very strange, like many hooman things.

Dwarf hears something in distance. Krak bravely goes to investigate, and finds collapsed wall, while Point-ears says there are dead hoomins walking around. We go inside, and then dwarf opens doors, and there are dead hoomin dogs. But they are not dead, they are walking around and biting. Then dwarf gets hit with powerful arrow. He is bleeding and moving funny. This is why Krak is thinkings that staying away from dwarf good idea for Krak.

Dead hoomins get beat, and then OTHER pointy ears comes out. Krak remembers this Pointy-ears. This pointy ears shot Krak with arrow before. This pointy ears give Krak and Krak family very bad time when collecting shinies and yummies from forest. But Krak stays near smart Pointy ears, not bloody dwarf.

Vandra stomps on weird glowy circle. Krak thinks about helping, because Krak likes stomping, but decides it glows like wizard things. And elders always tell Krak, wizard things are the bad sort of shiny, and never goes well for Kobolds when Kobolds mess with wizard things. So Krak goes to help stab other pointy ears.

Other pointy ears stops moving. But Vandra helps her breath again. They take bow and sword, but don’t look for any other shinies. Krak doesn’t want any of new pointy ears shinies. New Pointy-ears smells like dead hoomin. So, shinies will probably smell like dead hoomin.

Party just ties up new Pointy Ears, and carries her with us. Krak don’t know why didn’t just stab. Even then they are not hitting it with things, hoomins make Krak head hurt.

Krak's Journal
Seriously, if you die, this will be the only official account of events

Krak left goblin hole with smoothskins. We encounter orange-hobble-goblinses. Krak got to stab them! But some of them stab Krak. One was stuck in hole, and Krak threw javelins into him. Then he jump out, and Krak had to stab him. Then magic-hobble-goblin came out, and dwarf fell in hole. Stupid magic-hobble-goblin try to get away and get others, but Fancy Robes stopped him.

Then we go down stairs. Dwarf rushed in and tried to beat more hobble-goblins. Dwarf and Pointy-Ears sang funny song and Dwarf went WOOSH-WOOSH-WOOSH with big hammer, but it not enough to stop hobble-goblins. Then hobble-goblin pushes Vandra in hole. He fall in and go SPLASH. Vandra then climbs out. Then big jumpy spider came out and first went for Fancy Robes, then went for Vandra. Vandra ended up in well, he go SPLASH again. But more hobble-goblins kept coming. One shot Krak with arrow, and another stabbed Krak. And more were coming behind. So Party said “Brave and Mighty and Smart Krak! You look hurt! Go get us help!”, so Krak went back up stairs. But it was dark, and there were noises and he had seen rotten-hoomins before. So Krak decided there is no one better to help than Krak, so Krak went down to make sure party is not dead. Party was fine, and Krak came and saved Party by stabbing Hobble-Goblin, and chasing off other Magic-hobble-goblin.

Dwarf and Fancy Robes and Vandra and Real Vandra went chasing after. And there were lots of noises while Krak and smart Pointy-Ears stayed back and looked for shinies. Then Dwarf and Fancy Robes and Vandra come running back, and Krak goes running too. And we outsmart Hobble-Goblins by hiding in secret room. Krak, being best and bravest hero, got to nap longest.

Then we sneak out. And we go back to Hoomin Town. When we get there, Hoomin-Town is locked up, and hoomins have pointy things like when they chase Krak and Krak family, back when Krak Family was still alive. Pointy-Ears is going to talk to Hoomins in Hoomins town. Krak and rest of party stand back to watch.

Krak want to be mighty like Dwarf, but not want to be stupid like Dwarf. Krak no like being on sharp end of stabbings. Fancy Robes did many loud and colorful things, but he was last one out. Magic-ones supposed to be smart, Krak think last one running from hobble-goblins is not where smart people in robes should be. Vandra’s god Real Vandra is bright and very shiny, but not even hobble-goblins always impressed. But Real Vandra let him hit things with bright-rods. Pointy-Ears smart like Krak. Let others chase hobble goblins. But, when lots of hobble-goblins coming one way , and open door leading other way, and lots of bleeding by everyone, why Krak only one smart enough to take door? It make Krak head hurt, almost as much as writings. Krak to stop writing, Krak want to watch what Pointy-Ears does at Hoomin-Town.

Krak's Journal
If you die, this will be how the world remembers you

Krak had good dream. Krak have dream that Krak was Dragon! Then dream was over and Krak was no longer Dragon. Krak was Krak again. In smelly goblin hole. Bah.

Krak tried to chase down rats, but they were too fast for Krak. But that is ok. Dwarf found pile of shiny things. Krak likes shinies. But Pointy-ears got to them before Krak. But that is ok. Pointy-ears found blue slime thing. But then the slimy thing smelled bad. And Dwarf kind of gagged for a bit. And then it exploded and covered Krak in burning slime. Krak didn’t like that, so Krak stabbed it. Pointy-ears stabbed it too. And sang.
(Krak thought Pointy-ears used bow more, and sang less. But Krak not sure. Krak brain pictures fuzzy.)

Pointy ears fell down, as Fancy Robes and ’Vandra arrived. Vandra said some words, and Pointy ears got back up. And then the slime died. And Krak got shinies.

Then we fought angry claw things. Hoomans called them claw-thicks. Krak don’t like claw-thicks. Even young claw-thicks too tough to eat, unless Krak really hungry.And now Krak get short nap. Krak having much good time, even back in smelly goblin hole.

Krak wants to be mighty like dwarf. Pointy-ears sang pretty song, but Krak doesn’t want to get eaten by slimes. This is to be other way. Fancy Robes makes colors, but Krak not impressed.

Krak not sure about Vandra. That hooman only tells boring stories. Except for the parts with the killing. Krak likes those parts. And is not much mighty, not like dwarf. And had god who gets angry at him for no reason. But, Krak got to thinking about Pointy-ear. The hoomans don’t like it when you take stuffs. But they get EXTRA mad when you haffa make one of them stop moving with beatings or stabbings before taking their stuff. If Krak could make hoomans stand back up beatings and after take their stuffs…
…That far as Krak got before Krak head pain.


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